Freakshow RDA
Freakshow RDA
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Freakshow RDA


Original and Affordable Bottom Airflow Flavor Chasing Monster! The Freakshow RDA will give you nothing but pure and amazing flavors! Now Available In Stainless Steel, Black, White, and Copper Finishes!

The Freakshow RDA is another innovative RDA that uses bottom airflow method to hit the coils below, giving you an amazing and precise flavor every time you hit that fire button. Two gigantic airflow holes on each side deliver air efficiently through the body chamber directly underneath your coils, this airflow method is known for creating some of the best flavors out of a RDA!

Product Features:
Stainless steel Construction
22mm diameter
2 gigantic bottom feeding airflow holes which allows air to hit the coils directly underneath, giving you that amazing flavor!
Airflow is directed from under coils
Very deep juice well
Three piece design
Top cap can be removed for ease of dripping
Removable deck for easy building
Tri-post construction that is easy to build on
Original and Affordable
Now Available In Stainless Steel, Black, White and Copper Finishes

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